Sat Nam

If Kundalini weren't already flowing in you (because it takes Spirit to access Spirit) , you probably wouldn't be reading this. The fact that you are, means that on some level, in some way, you made the requisite sacrifices, and through the intensity of the most heartfelt prayers of your soul, Spirit has been ignited in you, and you have been given the time, space and opportunities to walk a Path with Heart.
cimg2581.jpg      Awaken the excellence in you

Kundalini yoga is a lifestyle to consent the best in you and all living beings. The purpose of the practice is to bring out your highest potential; physically, mentally and spiritually. Kundalini yoga is both dynamic and meditative, with music (mantra) as an integrated part of the practice. Posture (asana), breathing (pranayama) in combination with hand position (mudra) and bodylocks (bhanda) which intensify the physical excercises (kriyas) all characterize kundalini yoga. The class structure includes relaxation and meditation at the end. The classes are easily adjusted to any level. Kundalini yoga strengthens the nerv and hormone system, increases the lung capacity and flexibility in muscles and joints, oxygenates the blood and decreases stress related symptoms. A regular practice also helps the ability to focus. It's called the Yoga of Awareness, since the main focus is to move our creative energy through our chackras, opening and balancing them, tuning in to a higher vibration and taping into our inner wisdom.



Kundalini yoga was brought from India to the west by Yogi Bhajan in the sixties. From the US it kept spreading and today it continues to grow rapidly. This form of yoga is one of the most ancient kinds, and was originally taught in secret societies to those who were considered dignified to practice it. Today it is available to everyone, and is also successfully used in hospitals in Stockholm as rehabilitation for
patients with heart and back conditions.

Kundalini Yoga is the supreme
technology to awaken your
awareness and take you into
your original Self. It is a natural
unfolding of your own nature.
~Yogi Bhajan

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